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Easy Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Beautifully sculpted and shaped waist is a dream of every woman. Being health conscious or fitness freak is a new trend these days. Moreover, it is a very good habit to stay fit. But there are some stubborn fats, especially belly fats which comes between women and a perfect figure. Only dieting is not enough to get a well-maintained figure. The combination of proper diet and exercise can only lead to weight loss. Using gym equipment can also be a good option to burn fat but only for those who are particular about their schedule. Irregularity in the workout can lead to bad figure.

Easy exercises to lose belly fat at home:
There are numerous workout routine and exercise available which reduces the belly fats and thus provide a toned waistline. There are many floor exercise which can be performed at home and help burn the belly fats when done properly. Here are some exercises which you all need to add to the daily routine to burn the belly fats easily at home:

1. Crunches:
Take a yoga mat and lie down on it. Then bent the knees with the feet on the ground. Lift the hands and place them behind the head or keep them crossed on the chest. Both the ways are preferable. Choose one of the options which are comfortable. Then take a deep breath and try to come up without changing the position. Then slowly step back and reach the actual position. As a beginner repeat crunches 10 times daily. Do 2 sets at a time, each set consisting of 10 crunches.

Nothing burns the belly fats faster than crunches, and it occupies the first position in the fat burning exercises. A daily workout must start with basic crunches. Crunches warm the core muscles and tones them well. It is indeed the best exercise to reduce stubborn belly fats. It can be boring but it is a most amazing way to begin the regular workout. Adding perfection and variations to the technique will lead to the best possible results. It also helps a person in gaining enough flexibility and improves core strength. Don’t force the head while coming forward as it can put pressure on the neck and can lead to pain.

2. Bicycle crunches:
Take a mat and lie down flat on it. Then place the hands straight on the two sides or keep them behind on head. Choose the option whichever is comfortable. Then take both the legs off the ground and bend them from knees. Then slightly come forward and bring one leg close to the chest, keeping another leg straight. Then repeat the same process with another leg. Keep doing the procedure, keep rotating the legs in a circulation motion just like paddling a bicycle. As a beginner try doing this exercise 10 times on each side and increase the sets later on to get more effective results.

Bicycle crunches is an advanced level of basic crunches and it is highly effective. Initially, bicycle crunches can be difficult but with proper technique, one gets used too with it. Bicycle crunches focus on all parts of the tummy and concentrate from upper to lower part. Keep the back straight on the mat to avoid a backache.

3. Rolling plank:
Take a mat and lie down flat on stomach in such a way that elbows and knees touch the ground. Keep the back straight and aligned to the spinal cord. Look straight and forward and not up or down. Lift the knees and elbows up, keep the legs straight and stretch it on the toes. Maintain the gap of one palm between the two legs. Keep breathing normally and keep the core engaged. Knees will feel the contraction. The body suffers to maintain the position of the plank, so eventually, the body will start shivering. Try to balance this basic plank pose for 30 seconds. Then roll to the right side balancing on one elbow and hold the position for 10 seconds and then come back to the plank position. Then again switch to the other side on the elbow, hold the position and again come back to basic plank position. Do this several times, rotating the body along with the torso in plank position is known as rolling plank.

Planks are painful at times but they are highly effective. It mainly concentrates on the parts having muscles like – hips, arms, waist, and thighs. Planks improved the body posture. It is very important to keep the body straight while doing planks, so make sure the body is forming a straight line while performing plank exercise. Add some variations to the position to make the plank more effective.

4. Lunge twist:
Firstly stand in a still position with joint legs. Then keep the legs hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Keeps the hand forward in front of the chest, aligning to the shoulder and parallel to the ground. Then take a big step forward as if sitting on the chair and keeping the back straight another leg should be positioned backward on the toes.

Then twist the torso portion to right and then to left keeping the spine straight. Make sure legs should be in the same position while twisting the torso. One can use a towel or dumbbell to keep the hand steady and stretch. Repeat the process 10 times on each side. Then repeat the exercise by changing the leg. One can increase the sets of lunge twist or weights later on to get more effective results. Lunge twist is a necessary exercise which must be added to the daily workout if one is a beginner and want to lose major pounds. Lunges are not only effective for legs, it also helps in reducing the stubborn belly fats. Along with making the muscles strong and toned, lunge twist help a person to get rid of belly fats.

Points to remember:
Drink plenty of water. Keep the body always hydrated to avoid weakness.
Always use a yoga mat to do the floor exercise. Avoid doing it directly on the floor. Doing without mat can lead to a backache or pain.
One can also listen to their favorite music while doing exercise. This will make the daily workout interesting and full of fun.
Push the body little bit more than the comfort level. Don’t overdo it. Pushing the body more might cause internal injury.

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